Turns out those of us who have always dreamed of being a rock star but have no musical talents whatsoever actually have a chance to make it big... We just have to travel to Finland, and recite exactly what we do while jamming out to Journey in the shower each morning. 

And I don't mean the part of your shower where you don't use the shampoo for a body part the shampoo wasn't intended for, if you know what I'm saying...

I'm talking about doing your best Eddie Van Halen, your premiere Jimmy Page, or you're epic Jimi Hendrix impressions. All with no actually guitar of course!

The Air Guitar World Championships 2013 took place on Aug. 23rd in Oulu, Finland, and the title of the best guitar faker gets to come home to the U.S.! Eric "Mean Melin" Melin absolutely kills it with his fierce, headbanging performance in the video below, and is now the king of the air guitar!