Saturday in college football we saw both #1 Kansas State and #2 Oregon beaten which makes Notre Dame the third new #1 in three weeks in the BCS. I can’t remember the last time both top teams in the BCS lost this late in a season, but it is making for a wild end to the college football season.

For the first time in the 14 years of the BCS the Irish are #1 and have a clear path to the BCS title game on January 7th in Miami. Alabama is now #2 and Georgia is #3 but this is college football and anything can happen. Here is how the season breaks down for the top three teams.

Georgia has two game left; the first is this Saturday against Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are 6-5 on the season but they always play the bulldogs tough so expect a good game even though the game is at Georgia. The last game of the season will be SEC title game.

Alabama also has two games left; the first is Saturday at home in the Iron Bowl. This is the traditional end of the season game against Auburn.  The Tigers are 3-8 on the season and I don’t expect them to be much of a contest for Alabama. The last game of the season will be the SEC title game.

Now, I think Alabama and Georgia both will win setting up a SEC title game between the two teams with the winner going to the BCS title game in Miami.

For Notre Dame it’s simple, win at USC this Saturday and they finish the season at #1 and play in the BCS title game. If they lose well all bets are off and there will be a host of one loss teams looking for a shot at the title. While you’re enjoying the leftovers this Saturday make sure to check out what should be a wild weekend in college football. I will.