Last season Adrian Peterson came up just nine yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson’s single-season record of 2,105 yards. It was the second highest rushing total ever in the history of the league and he became only the second player (Earl Campbell in 1980) to rush for more than 150 yards in seven games during a season. That won Peterson the league MVP.

Before the start of this season Peterson set some lofty goals, he was shooting for 2,500 yards this year. I don’t think he is going to make it.
Peterson has rushed for just 281 yards in three games, which leaves him 2,219 yards from the 2,500 yards mark. That means he would need to rush for just over 170 yards in each of the last 13 games to make his goal.
That is a heavy workload especially when every team is keying on Peterson to carry the ball.
LeSean McCoy from Philadelphia leads the league with 395 yards. He would need to average just over 131 yards a game to break the record. Could he do it? Yeah it can be done but that’s a lot of yards and he would have to stay health.
The real problem for breaking Dickerson’s record in today’s pass happy league is running backs just don’t touch the ball enough to get the yards. So for this season I think Eric Dickerson’s record is safe.