To the brilliant person with the Major League Baseball association that scheduled a playoff game in the middle of a workday, all I can say is WTF?

Today the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals will play game three of the National League Championship Series with the first pitch at 2:07 pm Mountain Time, really?

Are these people trying to kill baseball? There are just two series going on and this is the only time they can play the game?

Americans don't have to work or whatever in the middle of the week and I don’t know about you but I can’t just roll out of work a 2pm on a Tuesday.

Could you imagine if the NFL played the Super Bowl a 1 pm on a Wednesday? Or if the NBA played game five of the finals at 11 am on a Thursday. I think that would leave most fans scratching their heads over that decision.

If I was one of the advertiser’s during the game I would be pretty ticked off too. It cost a big chunk of change to roll out commercials during any of the pro sports playoffs and they just lost over half of the audience because of the start time.

Think about how many people would see the commercial at 7pm versus at 2pm during a workday? Yeah I bet that’s a big number the TV folks don’t want the advertiser to see.

So, thanks MLB for sewing up the playoffs and forcing fans to either stream the game on line or to just ignore it all together.