With the start of the 16th annual 'Homeless for the Holidays' fast approaching I thought we would flashback to one of the coldest year ever had. It was 2004 and the night before we kicked off the event the Grand Valley got hit with snow and ice.

That year The Loud Guy, Jim Grant and myself were the team sleeping in the dumpsters. We got to the Rim-Rock Walmart parking lot early to clean off the snow and ice we had gotten. Lucky for us the company that cleans the parking lot was there and gave us a hand.

After we got the area ready the dumpsters arrived and we started setting up our compound. The only problem was someone had left their vehicle parked right where we park the Budweiser truck.

We went inside and had the license plate paged but no one ever came out to move the car. So we did what any body would do, we broke into the car and took matters into our own hands.

The window was left down just a bit so it was easy to unlock the door and get into the car. It was stick so we just took off the parking brake and popped it out of gear. It was easy to push it out of the parking spot but tough part was getting the wheel turned.

We got it on a sheet of ice and the three of us were able to push the front end around so that was facing east. We got it into another parking spot put the parking brake back on and locked it up.

Now it sat there for the entire event and not one person came to get the car. I had came back to Walmart that Saturday evening and it was still there. The vehicle did disappear over the next couple of days and I would have loved to see the look on their face when they came to get it.

I don't mind telling the story now because it was 10 years ago and there isn't anything anyone can do to us about it and we didn't hurt it.

The 16th annual 'Homeless for the Holidays' will kick-off at 6am in the Rim-Rock Walmart parking lot. We will take your food donations, money and checks for the Community Food Bank.

Everything you donate will stay right here in Mesa County and go to help those who need a little help this year. Please get those donations together and we will see you at the 16th annual 'Homeless for the Holidays' on Wednesday morning.