I have no idea what it takes to be a student at an Ivy League School, nor will I ever know. One thing is for sure though, if I did go to an Ivy League School, I feel like I would be smarter than doing a project that involved letting a bee sting me on my privates... 

According to the New York Daily News he was doing it all in the name of finding out the most painful spots to get to stung:

A Cornell University academic spent weeks trying to discover where the most delicate part of the body was to be stung by a bee. [Graduate student] Michael Smith chose 25 sensitive parts of the body — including the testicles — to receive a sting. In the interests of science he allowed himself to be stung five times a day for 38 days.

This means he got stung 190 times if my math is correct, and this did include being stung on the beans and frank.

No idea how this guy determined what part hurt the most, but amazingly he said the privates weren't the worst. That would be the nostril...

I have no idea what kind of grade he got on this, but I say fail the idiot! This research does no one any good. No one ever wants to be stung by a bee, and when they do get stung, the bee doesn't give you the option of where he is going to sting you. If he wants your balls, that's where you are getting stung, unfortunately.

Bet this guys parents are proud of the 100 grand they are spending on his "education" each year!