I bet all of the hair on the back of this 55-year-old English man was standing up when this lightning bolt shot out of the sky. With a big storm right over head this guy grabs some stuff out of the car and runs into the house just in time to miss the lightning strike.

The lightning hits the tree in the background but man it throws a big chunk of the tree right where he was standing. I bet he felt like God was taking a shot at him. I know he feels when I was 12 I had a close call with a lightning strike.

I was at a friend’s house and had to go home for dinner. The rain had let up so I ran down the street towards my house. I got about 50 feet away and BOOM! A lightning bolt hit the tree I was next to just above my head. I had the feeling of static charge and my hair was standing up.

My mom had seen the lightning and to this day she will tell you had one hell of a shocked looked on my face.