Mark Giles was definitely trying to score points with his son Braydon this Xmas, buying the kid a Nintendo 3DS for under the tree. The 3DS is pretty pricey, particularly because this model is equipped with a built-in camera feature, so Giles opted for a refurbished version from a local GameStop.

When the little dude opened it on Christmas, all seemed great. That is, until Braydon asked his older brother to help him erase some of the pictures left on the Nintendo.

It turns out the rookie workers at GameStop didn't wipe out all previous data left on the device, because Braydon found porn. Butt naked, full frontal, that ain't Mario and the Princess porn. Daddy Giles is understandably upset, claiming his son can never "unsee the porn."

We're pretty sure the kid will be fine after all this but dad should probably wipe down that Nintendo a few extra times. You can never be totally sure where the previous owner kept it when he wasn't playing with it -- or himself.