First of all, let me say that I never understood how Turkey's got so lucky... I mean, when we eat a big old steak, we don't parade around before hand with cow decorations and such. As a matter of a fact, I would not want to eat a steak if there was a big old cow centerpiece on the table. But Turkey's, they are sure celebrated before we murder them for Thanksgiving dinner! Here a just a few ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving that will probably result in the loss of friends. 


  • Pumpkin Pie Hat

    Everyone knows that the best part of Thanksgiving is the pie, but that doesn't mean you need to wear it on your head. It's not Halloween, so you aren't required to get dressed up, this just makes you look like an idiot (with a piece of pie on his head).

  • Big Turkey Suit

    Ok, so maybe you'll get a laugh or two, but no one will ever take you seriously again, and you also won't be able to sit down to eat... UNCOMFORTABLE!!

    Fancy Dress Ball
  • Kid Turkey Suit

    It almost seems sacreligious to put your kid in this thing... "Oh, he is soooo cute!" Well, do you realize that he looks exactly like what you are about to eat!

  • Thanksgiving Gum Balls

    Every kid at Thanksgiving dinner is going to want the gumballs you are carrying around in your pocket. That is until they realize how bad they taste! One reviewer said "the flavor was horrrible , the turkey tasted like cardboard and the pumpkin pie tasted like all spice and no pumpkin... I opened the tin expecting more cranberry gum i only found one...I was very displeased with this product. I will keep the tin for decor or projects but i will definetly not be buying this product again."

  • Turkey Apron

    This thing kind of makes you look naked at first glance, and there is not a soul that I eat Thanksgiving dinner with that I want to see naked... Then you realize it's a turkey, but it looks very unappetizing... I think we'll have ham this year!