People go ape-crap crazy whenever Apple announces something new. Expect that same response Wednesday as Apple is about to unveil a slate of new products and/or new revisions of current products. There's always an element of mystery as to exactly what Apple will come up with. But, if early rumors are even close to true, Wednesday's event could rock.

5. There will be a new iPhone 6.

We know there will be a new version of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The wild card is the possibility of new Force Touch abilities on the screen. Rumors say three different levels of pressure that will detect three different kinds of apps. We could also see a new color or iPhone - maybe Rose Gold (basically metal pink).

4. Apple TV may become a game console.

Apple has been trying to improve Apple TV by negotiating media deals with HBO and other movie companies to provide an all-in-one TV solution. This gets interesting if rumors are true that Apple TV will also get a touchpad remote that doubles as a game controller. Think Wii U motion controls with games you love on your iPhone and iPad that can now be played on your TV.

3. The iPad is about to get smaller.

The rumors say that there will be no new iPad Air this time around. That does not mean there will be no new iPads though. To the contrary, there will likely be two new iPads. The first will likely be a new iPad mini 4. Not much is known except that it's likely to be somewhere between the iPad Air and iPad mini in size. The rest is a mystery.

2. The iPad is about to get bigger.

There will almost certainly be a new iPad designed for work and it will be big - literally. Expect in excess of 12 inches likely combined with a stylus. This is likely to utilize the rumored different levels of force touch that will be on the new iPhone.

1. There will be "one more thing".

Apple is famous for ending each press event with an encore of sorts - one more thing. You can bet your bottom dollar that will happen at Wednesday's event also. Will it be news about the Apple car? New Apple watch development? Some revolutionary MacBook development? We don't know, but you can bet one thing. It will rock.