It's about time. No longer will you have to watch irritating status updates in your Facebook news feed without the ability to show your scorn. Bring on the "Dislike" button. We are so excited to bring down the dislike thunder, we've been spending quite a lot of time deciding what updates we can't wait to dislike. Behold, the five biggest Facebook offenders who we can't wait to give big ole thumbs down.

5. Vague drama

Screenshot via Facebook

If you're mad about something, say it. Got problems? You have two good options. Number one - you could just keep it to yourself and suck it up. Number two - you can just say specifically what is going on. Not acceptable is the vague status update that is just crying out for someone to ask you what's wrong. Breaking news: we won't be asking. The thumbs down button will get its first use.

4. Willy Wonka memes

We love the Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You know what we don't love? You taking the pic of Gene Wilder with his hands folded and adding some wise guy commentary. Oh, and it's only been done twenty bazillion times on Facebook already. So, that clever Willy Wonka meme you found and are now sharing? Yeah, we first saw that on February 1, 2013. Thumbs down big time.

3. Anything that ridicules the Denver Broncos

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Here's a fact that you may or may not like. You live in an area filled with rabid Denver Bronco fans. Many of them are on your friends list. So, why post that update that mentions the high-voiced Peyton Manning who doesn't have DirecTV? So, if you're that one Raiders fan on my friends list, be aware that I have a special dislike button just waiting for you.

2. Gross medical pictures

WPA Pool / Pool / Getty Images

We are very sorry to hear of that terrible thing that happened to your foot at a recent family reunion. No, we don't need to see it. You're going to post it anyway, aren't you? Well, you should know the next time I see your big toe with an arrow through it, I'm getting the big upside down thumb out and pressing click.

1. Political mudslinging

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

2016 will be the year we decide who will be our next President. Here's a statistic for you. A scientific survey has been done and this is the total number of people who have had their political stance changed by something you posted on Facebook - ZERO. That's right. We know how we're voting and we don't give a flying hoot what you think about it. Here's another fact for you to consider. Post something vile about my candidate of choice and you may get more than a dislike. We may just roll out the "Hide All From" option next to your name.