Half the fun of watching the game is looking at the cheerleaders. That may soon change...or will it. Susie Sanchez is a 39 Year Old Grandma who has three kids and one grandchild. Two years ago she tried out for the Oakland Raiders Cheerleading squad and made it on the team. At the ripe age of 39, she is going to give it another shot, but not for the Raiders, this time for the Dallas Cowboys.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Sanchez was one of 400 women who tried out for the cheerleading team over the weekend. Out of all 400 women, she was the only grandma.There was one women who was older than her at the age of 41.

It took her five years to make it on the Oakland Raiders cheerleading team in 2011and Sanchez told the Dallas Morning News “The year I was on that team, some of the girls were born the year I graduated,” Sanchez explained. “If you look at the numbers, it’s ‘What am I doing?'"

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This is kind of like the Rudy movie where he practices with the team and tries his heart out, and finally makes it on the field for a couple plays. This time, Sanchez didn't make the team. She said she wanted to try out for the best team in the NFL. She meant the cheerleading squad of course, not the Dallas Cowboys.

This is not the oldest women or only grandma to ever try out for a cheerleading gig. Actually a 55 year old grandma tried out a few years back named Sharon Simons. As you can see above, she is not the worst looking grandma ever. Check out her story below.