A 28-year-old Western Slope man was arrested while on what appears to be a drug-induced hallucination. Jamie Sheeks told police he was being shot at and chased by an unknown person.

Police found no evidence of a chase or shooting but did find Peter Hild who said he was a friend of Sheeks. Both men were taken into custody on charges associated with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

If you didn't know this is all the proof you need about how bad Meth is for you. For years, I have seen case after case where people get hooked on this crap and do some really stupid stuff and end up in jail.

Now these guys will be caught up in the system for years as they try to get this taken care of. I think what we need to do with these guys is put them in a forced treatment and help them kick this kind of crap.