11-year-old Chris Gaither from Talladega, Ala. noticed that there was an intruder in his house last week while he was home alone, so he grabbed a 9mm handgun and decided to protect his home.

He confronted the intruder, but the guy wasn't fazed by some kid with a gun, so he just kept looting. When he finally made a run for it, that's when Chris started firing.

The 11-year-old fired 11 shots and missed, but the twelfth one brought him down!  The bullet went through a hamper the guy had stolen for some reason and went into the guy's leg.

While describing the whole ordeal to news reporter, Chris said, "It went straight through the back of him, in his leg. And he started crying like a little baby.  I hope you learned your lesson for comin' to this house trying to steal stuff." Daaaaamn, Chris! You're cold!

The burglar is recovering in the hospital. Chris will not be charged with a crime.