Be on the look out for gigantic feet! Someone has taken 100 pairs of high-heel shoes from the Latimer House in Grand Junction. We're on the case and have some leads.

This is a serious case of theft, these 100 pairs of shoes was used for the Latimer House's biggest annual fund raiser, "Men in High Heels Race." The shoe bandit also made off with Christmas gifts and decorations.

Who could have taken these shoes? Here's who you should be on the lookout for:

  • A very well-dressed female Bigfoot
  • Any WNBA player
  • Serial cross dressers
  • Dennis Rodman

We're sure someone is just trying to make a few bucks, here's where to look for the stolen goods:

We're not sure what this criminal had in mind, maybe a prank or maybe his feet were cold.

If you can help track down the missing shoes and decorations, contact the Grand Junction Police Department at 970-242-6707.